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Tour Of The Candovers 2017

By 1st September 2017News


When we booked the school for this event we were told that there is some building work going on at the school, when we went along yesterday to check the set up area we found that the building work is far more extensive than we expected, this will mean that the start and finish area might not be the same as last year.
It also means that parking is limited so if you live locally to the area it might be worth riding over to the start or if you know Odiham there is parking in the high street which is about 1/4 mile away.
we are sorry for this mix up but it is totally out of our control.

The Days Running time table:

Start at Robert Mays School Odiham, Hampshire,
address Below:

Robert May’s School
West Street
RG29 1NA

The car parks wont be open until 8. am.
When you arrive all riders will need to read the T&C’s and then sign in at the desk.
Please also sign back in after the ride.
We would like all riders away on time, so that there is a space between the rider groups
All the routes are sign posted with the two longer routes being the same up to the first split at 18 miles it will then re join up later on the course and carry on together until the end.
There is a small change to the 60 route this year to bring all the riders past the second water stop also if you have down loaded the route there is a small mistake that we can’t correct on the download, this is at the top of Chalky Lane ( at 35.5 ish miles ) and all riders should follow the signs and not there Garmins.

The start times are

60 miles 9.00 am
40 miles 9.30 am
20 miles 10.00 am
8 miles and family ride 10.15 am

At the start and finish area there will be Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks and Cake to buy, also extra tubes, tyres, gels and a few other bits and pieces you might need on the day.

There will be a rider briefing before each start and we will be setting you off in groups to spread you out a bit on the first climb.

Things you will need on the day are:
and a HELMET no rider will be allowed out without a helmet this is for our insurance purposes.

There are water stops on the course of the 40 and 60 routes, the first on the 40 mile route is at 20 miles and the first on the 60 route is at 24 miles, there is then a second stop at 38 miles on the 60 route there are no stops on the 20 and 8 mile rides.
At each water stop there will be a track pump and a few spare tubes which you can buy if you need extra.
There will be motorbike marshals out on the course in case you have a problem, if you do have a problem wait until the motor bike gets to you.

Pre entry is now closed but you can still enter on the day if you wish or know anyone who wants to come along , the cost of entry on the day is £20 for the 20 & 40 routes and £25 for the 60, the 8 mile route stays the same price.

See you all Sunday 3th September
Kind Regards
Odiham Cycling Club
Organisers of
Tour Of The Candovers

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